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About me

Hello! I'm Joseph

I'm from North Carolina USA where I was raised in a small town called Mocksville. Some of my hobbies are working on computers and designing web pages. I had moved to Memphis, TN to learn more about Networking and earned an Associate's Degree in Networking Technology in 2007.

I now work in both web development and help with website designs (takes you to the examples below).

I am always looking for new opportunities to grow and expand my knowledge. Everyday to me is a new day to learn more and become wiser.

My work
Here are some of the sites I have made

Site about Meditation

Auto play video.

Bass and fly fishing tips.

Home decor on a budget.

Another splash page

Computer repair site.

A donation type site.

All about Yoga

Word Press site still in developement as Feb. 2018. Please see
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  • Microsoft Windows - Advanced
  • web development - Proficient
  • Power Point - Proficient
  • Linux (Ubuntu based) - Proficient
  • English - Native
  • Spanish - Advanced
  • computer repair - Advanced
  • Networking - Proficient

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Services that I offer.
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Computer repair has been a passion of mine since I first bought a computer.

    I started late (2001) when I had bought my first computer. I started having issues and couldn't find anybody to help. So I just learned on my own and fixed it. From there, I started helping others learning as I went.
    In 2005 I decided to study Networking for I had no clue how to even share a folder! This is where I picked up the fundamentals in hardware and software.
    To make a long story short, Prior to finishing collage I started working at Solection where I repaired HP and Sony VAIO Laptops. This is where I learned more then I ever could in collage. I learned first hand how to trouble shoot mostly hardware issues using special tools that were available to us technicians at that time. You can see my experience to see where I went from there. Since then I have worked on several computers mostly for friends and family via remote using teamviewer and other available software. This is a direct connection over the Internet where my customer will allow me access to control their computer without me or them leaving our home. You can find out more information regarding this and my repair services here.

  • Website designs
  • This starting while in college where we learned basic html/css coding and I did a few sites as a hobby. You can see some of these by clicking on the "my work" tab or here. I've always loved being creative, trying new themes, adding content using my own coding, etc. I've never applied for a job doing it or even tried selling it until recently.

    So with that said, I have become pretty proficient over the years I have been doing it.
    If you need website work done, we can negotiate on a price that fits your budget and I DO NOT charge anything upfront. Making it totally risk-free to you.

    Just contact me below and let me know what you want done. Once we agree with the price and what needs to be done, I do not charge until you are happy with my work.
  • Language Translation
  • This seems sort of off topic I know! However I have to add that I am bilingual in the Spanish language as it says in Skills in my Portfolio. I've been speaking Spanish since 2001 and am currently married to a woman from a Spanish speaking country Peru.

    I have translated before in public for ministers and for the Police when needed as a volunteer. Again, this is one of those "gifts" I have that I never tried to sell or apply for any jobs because I don't have the collage certificates or degrees, just experience.

    So, if you need something translated like a doc, letter, email, etc, please contact me .

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Previous and current employment
  • WebholdingUSA - 2017 to present
  • Description

    Project manager for a web development firm where I assist customers with their mobile app or web development needs.

  • Express Notices * 2017 to present (part-time)
  • Description

    This is my current part-time employment on the side, not technical related. I assist construction company to file Notices to Owners and liens in the event of non payment.

  • Solectron * 2005 - 2007
  • Description

    Worked on refurbished Sony VAIO laptops and some on HP laptops. Mostly hardward replacement.

  • Geeks On Site * 2008 - 2010
  • Description

    Worked on client's computer remotely, mostly software issues (virus removal, email set up, etc)

  • Nexogy * 2010 - 2011
  • Description

    I worked in the technical support where I would troubleshoot and assist companies using the Nexogy phones in their offices.

This space in life is where I obtained a lot of knowledge of different types of work related skills such as factories and call centers that aren't technically related.
I picked up a few nuggets of knowledge such as driving forklifts, packaging, management, sales and more.

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  • REMINGTON COLLEGE * 2005-2007
  • Associate's Degree in Computer Networking Technology.

    Here is where I learned the fundamentals of Networking, hardware configuration, sub-net masking and more.

  • DAVIE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL * 1994 - 1997
  • I earned my High School Diploma in May 1997 where I majored in science, math and social studies.

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